Merit Award Recipients

Merit Awards 2016 Picture Gallery

Finance & Administration Recognition Committee

The Recognition Committee is comprised of at least one representative from each division within Finance & Administration. Committee members are appointed by the associate vice presidents of the respective units and serve at least one year. 

The Recognition Committee was formed in 2004 and charged with developing a program to recognize staff for their years of service. At the time the committee began its work, a few individual programs existed within Finance & Administration units, but there was no formal, unified program for all staff. In 2006, the first Recognition Ceremony and Ice Cream Social were held. The committee also had recommended the institution of a merit award program, and the first merit awards were presented at the 2007 Recognition Ceremony.

Since that time, the committee has initiated several other recognition events and projects such as a luncheon for all merit award finalists and honorees with 30 or more years of service; a merit award breakfast to honor all merit award nominees; the installation of rotating staff photos and a staff spotlight on the Finance & Administration Web site; and an occasional movie night for Finance & Administration staff members and their families. 


Adrianna Creech
HR Senior Managing Consultant
Human Resources

Auxiliary Services

Wendy Glenn, Transportation & Parking Services 
Shasta Meeler, Transportation & Parking Services
Joshua Warren, Dining Services

Budget Division

Julie Hawkins, Budget Department

Environmental Safety Division

Nikki Washington

Facilities Management Division

Julie Burt
Keith Drake

Human Resources Division

Audrey Booth

Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration

Nancy Ingram

University Architects

Maurice Blount

University Business and Accounting Services

Harold Waters

University Police Department

Courtney Murphy

Former Members of the Finance and Administration Recognition Committee

Tara Adams, Facilities Management
Amy Andrews, Presidents Office 
Sandi Behr, Dining Services
Sherry Bone, Auxiliary Services 
Darlene Bradley, Budgets
Suzanne Brown, Bursar’s Office 
Carol Bugg, Human Resources
Chuck Cartwright, University Architects
Tyler Chapman, Facilities Management
Adrianna Creech, Human Resources
Monika Dudley, Human Resources 
Jason Davis, University Police Department
Kim Eberhart, Human Resources
Carol Eidson, Dining Services 
Brenda Elrod, University Architects
Bill Favaloro, Environmental Safety Division
Brian Freese, Budget Department
Jennifer Gose, Environmental Safety Division 
Greg Gotsch, University Architects
Matthew Hardigree, University Business and Accounting Services 
Katie Hendricks, Facilities Management Division
Jerry Heninger, Facilities Management Division
Cindy Humphries, UBAS
Nancy Ingram, Controller’s Office 
Jody Jacobs, Environmental Safety Division 
Judy James, Human Resources 
Kendall Kavanaugh, Human Resources
Joy King, Auxiliary Services 
Chris Kwiatkowski, Departmental Financial Systems 
Amanda Lapczynski, Budget Department
Larhonda Laster, Facilities Management 
Gene Lou, Environmental Safety Division
Cynthia Malcolm, Dining Services
Ken McCollum, Budget Division
Dawn McDonald, Campus Transit 
Mikki McGinnis, Dining Services
Darlene Mealor, Human Resources 
Todd Miller, Environmental Safety Division
Tracey O’Malley, Human Resources
Mike Orr, Facilities Management
Christine Perkins, University Architects
Sandy Peterson, Facilities Management Division HR
Kathy Pharr, Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration 
Katrina Pittman, Dining Services 
Gina Roberts, Budget Department
Sean Rogers, Budget Division 
Tom Sartain, Facilities Management
Michele Sellers, Student Accounts 
Beverly Sexton, Dining Services 
Catherine Shircliff, Human Resources
Brandon Silvers, Budget Division
Ann Smith, Student Accounts
Craig Smolenski, Dining Services
Vonnie Swain, Budget Department 
Sharon Thelen, Departmental Financial Systems 
Amy Thomas, Auxiliary Services 
Parker Thomas, Facilities Management 
Blake Waldrop, Budget Division
Frances White, Office of Security & Emergency Preparedness
Jeff Whitfield, UGA Police Department