2017 Years of Service Honorees

Finance & Administration

2017 Years of Service Honorees 

Finance & Administration will celebrate the achievements of its staff members on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at the Twelfth Annual Employee Recognition Ceremony. In appreciation of their dedicated service, more than 200 Finance & Administration staff members will receive a milestone award for service rendered as of July 1, 2016. Questions regarding service milestones should be directed to your Recognition Committee representative or the Recognition Committee Chair, Adrianna Creech, at 706-542-7342.

Forty Years of Service

Beverly Cofer                     Building Svcs-North, FMD
Louise Huff Building Svcs, FMD

Thirty-Five Years of Service

Christy Coddington                              Payroll, UBAS
Mary Parrish Bolton Cafeteria, Dining Services, AS

Thirty Years of Service

Sandra Behr Food Administration, AS
W. Michael Nunn O&M Electrical Shop, FMD
Timothy Savage South Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Kenneth Storey Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS

Twenty-Five Years Of Service

Chris Baker Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Bonnie Berrong Student Account Services, UBAS
David Brooks III Mail & Receiving Services, UBAS
Clayton Cooper Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS
Zachariah Doster Central Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Christine Eberhart Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Terrie Elam Building Svcs-South, FMD
Matthew England O&M Plumbing Shop, FMD
Dexter Gantt Off Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Anthony Henson O&M Sheet Metal Shop, FMD
Steve Holloway Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Rafael Johnson O&M Plumbing Shop, FMD
Inell Middlebrooks Bolton Cafeteria, AS
Lavonda Morgan Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS
Martha Peterson Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Jim Price North Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Gina Roberts Budget Office, BD
Randy Seagraves O&M Building HVAC Shop, FMD
Josephine Westman Procurement, UBAS
Ted Williams O&M Electrical Shop, FMD
Ronald Wright O&M Shop East, FMD

Twenty Years Of Service

Henrietta Arnold Outlying Building Svcs, FMD
Julia Browner Outlying Building Svcs, FMD
Mattie Curry Building Svcs-South, FMD
Armando Diaz Structural Maintenance Shop, FMD
Floyd Downer Police Department, PD
John Elam Dining Services, AS
Henry Fanning Building Svcs, FMD
Todd Foster Energy Steam Production, FMD
Bryan Fuller Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Darrell Gay O&M Electrical Shop, FMD
Brian Gillespie F&A IT Support, UBAS
Annie Gresham Building Svcs-South, FMD
Jill Haag Procurement, UBAS
Garry Hatfield Dining Services, AS
Thérèse Hodges Bursar and Treasury Services, UBAS
Cynthia Huff Accounting, UBAS
James Hunter Grounds Department, FMD
Stuart Ivy Auxiliary Services Division, AS
Beverly Johnson Outlying Building Svcs, FMD
Charles Junior Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Susan Kay Building Svcs-North, FMD
David Kesler Structural Support Shop, FMD
David Larson Grounds Department, FMD
Kenneth Lee O&M Key Shop, FMD
Christine Long Directory Assistance, UBAS
Cynthia Malcolm Dining Services, AS
Jacqueline Montgomery Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS
Joseph Morgan Grounds Department, FMD
Robert Murphy Structural Support Shop, FMD
Cullen Paradise Central Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Francisco Perez Outlying Building Svcs, FMD
Karen Pitts Bursar and Treasury Services, UBAS
Minnie Ransom Building Svcs-North, FMD
Barbara Sheats Building Svcs-South, FMD
Roger Snow Zone Maintenance Shop East, FMD
Anthony Thomas Police Department, PD
Jason Waters Mail & Receiving Services, UBAS

Fifteen Years of Service

Jason Airlie                                             Police Department, PD
Jeff Allen Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS
William Amos, Jr.  Building Svcs, FMD
Sandra Baird Dining Services, AS
Lynn Beard Post Award Accounting, UBAS
Roger Blackmon Structural Maintenance Shop, FMD
Amanda Brown Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS
William Cleghorne Energy Steam Production, FMD
Eva Dalton Building Svcs-South, FMD
Jeffrey Dalton O&M Sheet Metal Shop, FMD
Gwynne Darden Facilities Planning Office, OUA
Anthony Davis O&M Sheet Metal Shop, FMD
Douglas Dowdy Building Svcs-South, FMD
Anoush Ebrahimi Auxiliary Services Division, AS
Scott Filkins O&M Zone Maintenance Shop, FMD
William Graham Police Department, PD
Henry Green Dining Services, AS
William Haley Central Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Jeffery Harris Building Svcs, FMD
Sandra Hild Mail & Receiving Services, UBAS
Katherine Hines FMD Administration, FMD
Jimmy Holloman II Grounds Department, FMD
Barbara Howard Building Svcs-South, FMD
Tennyson Hull Outlying Building Services, FMD
Michael Jewell Construction Department, FMD
Deidra Jones Student Account Services, UBAS
Deloris Lay Outlying Building Services, FMD
Kirti Leatham Dining Services, AS
Wesley McDonald North Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Solange Mears Human Resources, HR
Scott Messer Facilities Planning Office, OUA
Matthew Owensby Mail & Receiving Services, UBAS
Michael Pennington Police Department, PD
Christine Perkins Facilities Planning Office, OUA
Mitchell Roberts O&M Key Shop, FMD
Tonya Seay Administrative Services Division, UBAS
Brandon Silvers F&A IT Support, UBAS
Scott Simpson Facilities Planning Office, OUA
Ricky Smith Grounds Department, FMD
Dennis Stewart Grounds Department, FMD
Kevin Tanner O&M Plumbing Shop, FMD
Sharon Thelen Budget Division, BD
Savannah Thigpen Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Lance Tipton Police Department, PD
Martha Webb Dining Services, AS
Irene Wyatt Building Svcs, FMD

Ten Years of Service

Mark Artelt                                              Grounds Department, FMD
Melissa Austin-Neff Human Resources, HR
Candice Barron Campus Catering, AS
Sentel Bolton Sanitation Services, FMD
Akhala Browner Dining Services, AS
Vilma Chacon Dining Services, AS
Barbara Christopher Building Svcs-North, FMD
Debbie Christopher Payroll, UBAS
David Colley Energy-Steam Production, FMD
Andrew Cropp Dining Services, AS
Kevin Crowe Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Sheloin Dious Building Svcs-HSC, FMD
Decator Dunagan, Jr. IT Department, FMD
Patricia Fambrough Building Svcs-South, FMD
John Funderburk Dining Services, FMD
Mattie Green Building Svcs-South, FMD
Edward Gregg Grounds Department, FMD
Jeffrey Hammock Police Department, PD
Matthew Hardigree F&A IT Support, UBAS
Max Harrell Auxiliary Services, AS
Dawn Hyche Building Svcs-South, FMD
Jennifer Lazo F&A IT Support, UBAS
Laura Lopez Outlying Building Services, FMD
Eddie Lumpkin Building Svcs, FMD
Joanna Manzi Human Resources, HR
Ashley Maxwell Facilities Planning Office, OUA
Jaimin McWhorter Central Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Juanita North Transportation & Parking Services, AS 
Victoria Outlaw  Environmental Safety Division, ESD
Heather Perry Police Department, PD
Latosha Pittard Supplies & Services, FMD 
Patricia Pittard-Maxey Dining Services, AS 
Katrina Pittman Dining Services, AS 
Kurt Reifeis O&M Welding Shop, FMD 
Matthew Rice Police Department, PD
Isabelle Robbins Transportation & Parking Services, AS 
Mattie Robinson Dining Services, AS 
Tashua Sands Property Control, UBAS
James Simons Police Department, PD
Kenneth Stringer Police Department, PD
Marian Sutton Dining Services, AS 
Hope Thomas Administration & HR, FMD 
Russell Thomas East Zone Maintenance Shop, FMD 
Kristopher Waller O&M Welding Shop, FMD 
Katrina Walter Dining Services, AS 
Nellie Watkins Building Svcs, FMD 
Jackie Williams Central Food Storage, AS
Cynthia Willingham Dining Services, AS 
Jeffrey Willoughby Supplies & Materials, FMD 
Karen Wise Dining Services, AS
Reginald Woods Administration & HR, FMD
Ronda Wynveen Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS

Five Years of Service

Bryant Addison                                        Building Svcs, FMD  
Lanikki Addison Building Svcs-North, FMD
Michael Arthur Building Svcs- South, FMD
Christy Bailey Procurement, UBAS 
William Baily South Campus Zone Shop, FMD 
Catherine Bielec Student Account Services, UBAS 
Hubert Bridges, Jr.  Building Svcs-North, FMD 
Amanda Brogdon Grounds Department, FMD 
Edith Brooks Building Svcs-South, FMD 
Natossia Browner Outlying Building Svcs, FMD 
Matthew Browning Police Department, PD 
Amanda Burgess Police Department, PD 
Julie Burt FMD Administration & HR, FMD 
Alicia Castleberry Accounts Payable, UBAS 
Daniel Chastain South Campus Zone Shop, FMD 
Marianne Christian Bursar and Treasury Services, UBAS 
Clay Dally Grounds Department, FMD 
Curtis Drake Building Svcs-South, FMD 
Randall Eaton Support Services, FMD 
Garland Faust Building Svcs, FMD 
Samuel Fitzpatrick East Zone Maintenance Shop, FMD 
Leandria Gary Dining Services, AS 
Daniel Gershon Grounds Department, FMD 
Brian Gibbs Dining Services, AS 
Michael Gladden Transportation & Parking Services, AS 
Bacilio Gomez Dining Services, AS 
Quiere Goodjoines  Dining Services, AS 
Jackie Green Building Svcs-South, FMD 
Beverly Gresham Dining Services, AS 
Paul Guy HSC Zone Maintenance Shop, FMD 
Gregory Hall, Jr.  Support Services, FMD 
Lansing Hardeman Grounds Department, FMD 
David Hauntsman Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS 
Savannah Hembree Emergency Preparedness, OEP 
Taylor Hilt Dining Services, AS 
Lenita Howard Building Svcs-North, FMD 
Lillian Jaramillo Building Svcs-North, FMD 
Christopher Jarrard Dining Services, AS 
Jamie Jarrett Student Account Services, UBAS 
Cindy Jones Police Department, PD 
Jermaine Jones Bio-containment Shop, FMD 
Kenneth Little South Campus Zone Shop, FMD 
Justin Lumpkin Central Food Storage, AS 
Mary Lumpkin Transportation & Parking Services, AS 
Christopher Martin Police Department, PD 
Lara Mathes Facilities Planning Office, OUA 
Maggie Montana Transportation & Parking Services, AS 
Jonathan Myers FMD IT, FMD
Gregory Pass Dining Services, AS 
Linda Pinkston Building Svcs-North, FMD 
Carolina Rivera Outlying Building Services, FMD
Joshua Robinson Dining Services, AS
Troy Rucker Post Award Accounting, UBAS
Ana Salazar Dining Services, AS
Gerald Saylor Grounds Department, FMD
Charlton Scott Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Terry Shaw O&M Electrical Shop, FMD
Demario Smith Police Department, PD
Marilyn Smith Accounts Payable, UBAS
Ashley Spillers Police Department, PD
Ella Stroud Dining Services, AS
Brandon Thomas Building Svcs-South, FMD
Jill Thompson Work Management Dept, FMD
Joseph Wagner Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Blake Waldrop Budget Office, BD
Alan Walsh Dining Services, AS
Harold Waters Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS
Phillip Wawrzyniak Automotive Center, FMD
Tirone Wesby Building Svcs-HSC, FMD
Jay Whitehead Construction Department, FMD
James Winters Dining Services, AS