Facilities Inventory


Facilities Inventory Department

The Facilties Inventory Department provides an essential resource for information on all University of Georgia owned structures. The purpose of the department is to update, maintain and report all building related information. In addition this department provides information to Consultants, UGA departments and FMD Employees in order to facilitate renovation, construction, day to day production, and campus maintenance.

Facilities Inventory Access

The “Facilities Inventory Access” page provides access to our Digital Plansroom and Basic Building Floor plans. This information is used by the Facilities Management Division, Office of University Architects and various departments across campus to facilitate campus planning, construction and renovation as well as day to day production, safety management, and building maintenance. The basic floor plans are used by faculty and staff to determine space assignments, room uses and to calculate square footage. These are also used by students to locate classrooms, offices, restrooms and for class projects and assignments where the construction history of buildings is needed.