2018 Years of Service Honorees

Finance & Administration

2018 Years of Service Honorees 

Finance & Administration will celebrate the achievements of its staff members on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at the Thirteenth Annual Employee Recognition Ceremony. In appreciation of their dedicated service, more than 200 Finance & Administration staff members will receive a milestone award for service rendered as of July 1, 2017. Questions regarding service milestones should be directed to your Recognition Committee representative or the Recognition Committee Chair, Adrianna Creech, at 706-542-7342.

Forty-Five Years of Service

Joe W. Wyms Building Services, FMD

Forty Years of Service

Sheryl Lynn Stephens Procurement, UBAS

Thirty-Five Years of Service

Thomas M. Branch* Facilities Planning Office, OUA
Bobby R. Johnson* Building Services, FMD
Linda M. Sims* Automotive Center, FMD

Thirty Years of Service

Dale L. Alexander O&M Plumbing Shop, FMD
Deborah Ann Ansley* Oglethorpe Dining Hall, AS
J. Michael Baxter O&M Zone Maintenance Shop East, FMD
Roberto I. Bernales Structural Support Shop, FMD
D. Lamar Bond O&M Plumbing Shop, FMD
Lisa Cheryl Bradshaw Dining Services Administration, AS
Melissa Kay Byrd UGA Police Services, PD
Richard Mark Caldwell Property Control, UBAS
Brian K. Carey Off Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Kimberly D. Collins Accounts Payable, UBAS
J. Mark Collinsworth* O&M Sheetmetal Shop, FMD
Robert J. Doran* O&M Key Shop, FMD
Thomas Neal Evans Parking Services, AS
Clifford Heard Building Services, FMD
Eleanor Johnson Building Services, FMD
Richard L. Sloan* Energy-Steam Production, FMD

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Douglas E. Jarrett Transportation & Parking Services, AS
James E. Nielson Operations & Maintenance, FMD
Rod Platt Services Department, FMD

Twenty Years of Service

Kelly F. Bird O&M HVAC Shop, FMD
John Wallace Buechler Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Holly A. Byrd Accounting, UBAS
K. Bryan Cash Central Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Eric P. Dellinger UGA Police Services, PD
Jeffrey D. Dickinson* North Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Jamie B. Dove Building Services, FMD
Russell D. Dukes Environmental Safety Division, ESD
Annette M. Evans Procurement, UBAS
William E. Favaloro Environmental Safety Division, ESD
Jim Gamble North Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Stephen D. Goad Energy Services Department, FMD
Carolyn B. Hubbard Building Services, FMD
L. Brett Jones Construction Department, FMD
Richard L. Lanard Administrative IT Department, FMD
Ray McDonald Facilities Planning Office, OUA
Charles J. Richie Structural Support Shop, FMD
Susan L. Van Gigch Central Foods Storage, AS
Robert A. Welch O&M HVAC Shop, FMD

Fifteen Years of Service

Stephen L. Bailey Off Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Joe L. Bankston Building Services, FMD
LaShawn W. Blake UGA Police Services, PD
Lynn G. Burt* Human Resources, HR
Hilda Carson Butler Bolton Dining Commons, AS
Sandra Kate Chambers Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Krista M. Coleman-Silvers Office of Space Management, OSM
Angela Denise Cooper Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Carrie M. Dorsey Building Services, FMD
Ronald L. Edwards, Jr. UGA Police Services, PD
Stuart Hopewell Hammond Central Foods Storage, AS
Freddie L. Hardy Sanitation Services, FMD 
Brian Morgan Henry Transportation & Parking Services, AS 
Latonya R. Hill Building Services, FMD 
Leanne Anthony Hill Transportation & Parking Services, AS 
Christina Denise Holbert Payroll, UBAS 
Gregg Allen Hudson Dining Services, AS 
Travis Pressley Jackson Human Resources, HR 
Ralph F. Johnson FMD Administration & HR, FMD 
Patricia Ann Ross Transportation & Parking Services, AS 
Paulette W. Rush Building Services, FMD 
Star Scott FMD Administration & HR, FMD 
Jeremy D. Skates Transportation & Parking Services, AS 
Frankie J. Smith O&M Electrical Shop, FMD 
Ralph Thomas Building Services, FMD 
Bryan Edward Varin Dining Services Administration, AS 

Ten Years of Service

Adelina E. Anglin Accounts Receivable, UBAS
Steven L. Beck Building Services, FMD
Jessica E. Beri Procurement, UBAS
Randy L. Brown Dining Services, AS
Daniel Ray Brugh Administrative Services, UBAS
Frances Carithers Building Services, FMD
Tonya M. Cooper Dining Services, AS
Chad Richard Cox Procurement, UBAS
Nacona B. Curtis Grounds-Construction, FMD
Chris Daigle Construction Department, FMD
Shambrina Rochelle Davis Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Melissa Day Dining Services, AS
Angie Dellinger Human Resources, HR
Pepa Ivanova Deltcheva Dining Services, AS
Curt Dempsey Support Services, FMD
Jansen O. dixon O&M Zone Maintenance Shop East, FMD
Alfred R. Fain, III Grounds-Maintenance, FMD
Michelle Faulkenberry Dining Services, AS
Paul A. Fields Automotive Center, FMD
John J. Gayer Bulldog Print + Design, UBAS
James F. Geiser Human Resources, HR
Hamilton Scott Griffith University Golf Course, AS
Dianna L. Hall Directory Assistance, UBAS
Lynn W. Hix Structural Support Shop, FMD
Judy B. Howard Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Terence Johnson Dining Services, AS
Mike John Ku Kocsis Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Trudy V. Lane Dining Services, AS
Roswell Lawrence, Jr. Office of the Vice President, OVFPA
Cory Lee Lord Building Services, FMD
Andrew P. Mahaney UGA Police Services, PD
Harry Mattox Building Services, FMD
David L. McCannon Building Services, FMD
David M. McKinney Energy Steam Production, FMD
Tracy M. McNabb Student Accounts, UBAS
Shasta Ann Meeler Transportation & Parking Services, AS
William L. Megathlin, Jr. Environmental Safety Division, ESD
Pansy Kay Moore Dining Services, AS
Nekesha Ann Murphy Building Services, FMD
Timothy Lee Neal Dining Services, AS
Steven Kyle Norton Sanitation Services, FMD
Linda A. Pack Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Joseph D. Reed South Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Enoch Rodriguez Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Johnny S. Seay Sanitation Services, FMD
Lindsey F. Sessions Human Resources, HR
John Sherman Building Services, FMD
Kiley E. Shields Building Services, FMD
Timothy J. Smith UGA Police Services, PD
David Spradley Energy Services Department, FMD
Kevin L. Taylor South Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Bennie Tillman, Jr. Dining Services, AS
Agnes P. Walker Building Services, FMD
Jacquelyn R. Walsh Post Award Accounting, UBAS
Leonard Dwayne Weaver Mail & Receiving Services, FMD
Patricia A. Westbrooks Building Services, FMD
Jessie Wrenn Structural Support Shop, FMD

Five Years of Service

Wisdom Attipoe Auxiliary Services, AS
Paul A. Baughens, Jr. Building Services, FMD
Allison Brannen Auxiliary Services, AS
Aaron C. Bridges Structural Support Shop, FMD
Tyson D. Browning Building Services, FMD
A. Blake Callahan O&M HVAC Shop, FMD
Brian Chelchowski Dining Services, AS
Gail Chester Post Award Accounting, UBAS
Lonnell Colbert Building Services, FMD
David J. Court North Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Glenn P. Cowan UGA Police Services, PD
Casey Crock Dining Services, AS
Derek J. Cronic O&M Sheetmetal Shop, FMD
Timothy Crowe Building Services, FMD
David C. Cutler Building Services, FMD
David B. Daniel Building Services, FMD
Amadou Diop O&M Electrical Shop, FMD
David Dorsey Building Services, FMD
A. Keith Drake Support Services, FMD
Jeffrey R. Edwards Structural Support Shop, FMD
Gerald M. Fitch, Jr. F&A IT Support, UBAS
Joel R. Fleming UGA Police Services, PD
Kathryn Clark Flores Dining Services Administration, AS
Debra A. Floyd Dining Services, AS
Aretha S. Gartrell Building Services, FMD
Wendy C. Glenn Transportation & Parking Services, AS
Alfred Gonzalez, Jr. Central Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Shaun J. Gonzalez UGA Police Services, PD
Greg Gotsch Facilities Planning Office, OUA
David M. Grant Dining Services, AS
Theodis Hammock Dining Services, AS
Brandi Hancock Dining Services, AS
Dana Harbin Dining Services, AS
John Hargrove Off Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Darnell Harris Support Services, FMD
Jing He Accounts Payable, UBAS
Michael T. Heath Grounds-Maintenance, FMD
Lacey Hebert O&M Building HVAC Shop, FMD
Dan Helmick Human Resources, HR
Caleb S. Horton Grounds-Maintenance, FMD
Gary B. Hull Building Services, FMD
Daniel Bernard Hunter Mail & Receiving Services, UBAS
Jacqueline O. Hunter Building Services, FMD
Mildred B. Jarrell-Williams Building Services, FMD
Calvin Lewis Dining Services, AS
Chavita M. Life Supplies & Materials, FMD
Wynona Mapp Dining Services, AS
Barry Mathews O&M Zone Maintenance Shop, FMD
Cedric Miller Post Award Accounting, UBAS
Luther Moreland, Jr. Building Services, FMD
John B. Morris UGA Police Services, PD
Kim W. Morrison Structural Maintenance Shop, FMD
Stephen Bates Moss Energy Services Department, FMD
Courtney C. Murphy UGA Police Services, PD
Stewart Newton Dining Services, AS
Roman Parrish Building Services, FMD
Travis S. Phillips O&M Zone Maintenance Shop, FMD
Ricardo Deon Poole Dining Services, AS
Kasie R. Price Construction Department, FMD
Noah E. Ray North Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Samuel J. Sanders O&M Building HVAC Shop, FMD
Roland K. Scheuber Building Services, FMD
Adam M. Seagraves O&M Plumbing Shop, FMD
Jeremy Senkbeil Building Services, FMD
Christopher D. Serpa O&M Electrical Shop, FMD
Stanley Sims Grounds-Construction, FMD
Whitney D. Skidmore Dining Services, AS
Erik J. Smith Building Services, FMD
Tavoris K. Smith Building Services, FMD
Holly C. Snelling University Business & Accounting Services, UBAS
Christopher L. Storey UGA Police Services, PD
Douglas Taylor Building Services, FMD
Margaret Wagner Building Services, FMD
Gregory Walker Outlying Building Services, FMD
Bobby L. Wells Central Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Donna Whiddon Building Services, FMD
Dennis Willis, Jr. Grounds-Maintenance, FMD
Charles J. Woolery South Campus Zone Shop, FMD
Arzu Yilmaz Facilities Planning Office, OUA

*Denotes retiree