Elevation in Action


Finance & Administration has the privilege of serving the UGA community on a variety of levels: We provide a safe and secure working and learning environment; we provide students, faculty, staff, and visitors with food services, and we facilitate their parking and transit needs; we groom the grounds and plan, design, build, operate, and maintain facilities on this beautiful, historic campus; we work with departments on personnel matters and provide benefits programs to faculty and staff; we work with students and families as they navigate bills and financial aid; and we partner with suppliers and governmental agencies to ensure UGA’s business needs are met. With everyone's commitment to excellence, together we can provide the support structure that allows UGA to fulfill its instruction, research, and public service and outreach missions.
F&A exists to provide exceptional service and stewardship of the University of Georgia’s financial, human, and physical resources. To complete this work, we rely on our core values:
    • Integrity - Personal and Professional
    • Teamwork through Mutual Respect and Fairness
    • Excellence in Service and Innovation
    • A Student-Centric Approach
In 2015, F&A invested in bringing the UGA and F&A missions to life. This resulted in one missional directive:

You + Me = We Elevate the G

Elevation in Action provides F&A-wide guidelines for continuous emphasis on service and communication with all of our UGA community partners as we work together toward our mission. The committee works together and within their respective areas to explore new ways to “Elevate the G” on a regular basis.

Gregg Hudson
Auxiliary Services
Vice Chair

Auxiliary Services
Karey Kazemi
Environmental Safety Division
Jackson Gochenour
Zachary Duclos
Facilities Management Division
Cale Akin Caudell
Craig Smolenski

Finance Division
Shawn Hill
Talia Locarnini


Insurance and Claims Management
Vance Silcott

Office of Emergency Preparedness
John Newton
Office of the Vice President
Kim C. Eberhart
University Architects
Elizabeth Stutz Bellew

Tom Breedlove
UGA Police Department
Jeffrey G Hammock
Michael B Pennington
Sophie Raboud
University Human Resources
Hanna Willingham

Jonathan Bemid