What We Do Here Matters

What it's all about: What you do each and every day matters because you are doing it alongside other people who care immensely, are dedicated to leading themselves and others, and share a common goal to leave a legacy at UGA.

Will you help us tell this story? We are looking for examples of F&A staff who model what it means to do something that matters. We want to tell the story of those who give their all to UGA every day so we are all inspired to do the same; because when we work together with a common purpose, we will achieve much more than we would on our own.

If you have an example of someone (or a group) who exemplifies the idea of “what we do here matters”, please email fanda@uga.edu for the opportunity for your story to be shared in an upcoming edition of the F&A Advisor.

Highlight: Commitment Accounting and Commitment Control Offices


The members of the Commitment Accounting and Commitment Control Office play a crucial role in the day-to-day activities of the University. This team works with the University community to build bridges between OneUSG Connect and the UGA Financial Management System. The constant activity between these two systems requires expertise and exceptional customer service, and this is where the Commitment Accounting and Commitment Control Offices truly shine. This team ensures that messages between the two systems function well and ensure that chartfields, combo codes, project end dates, data for payroll journal entries, and other crucial business functions go off without a hitch.

With more than 114 years of accounting experience between them, this talented group of individuals is equipped and poised to take on the new Commitment Control and Commitment Accounting responsibilities. As one team member says, “We know that in working together, we can provide a broader knowledge base and better serve the campus community.”

The two groups will formally come under one umbrella within the recently restructured Finance Division and because of the experience working together and solving challenges, the group is confident that through cross-training, there will be a greater knowledge base that can only better serve the University community. “We work well together and it’s very much a team effort. We enjoy helping the user community solve problems and work their way through the new system”, says another team member.

Thank you to the Commitment Accounting and Commitment Control Offices for your commitment to excellence in service and innovation and for all that you do each and every day to demonstrate that “What We Do Here Matters” and that through teamwork, YOU + ME – WE ELEVATE THE G!