UGA Green Labs wins Outstanding Program Award

November 13, 2023

Star Scott Green Labs Award

UGA’s Green Labs program earned the 2023 Outstanding Green Labs Program Award from the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL). The award recognizes UGA’s work to reduce the environmental impacts of research labs by identifying areas for improvement and promoting a culture of sustainability.


The program is setting a new standard in the field, says I2SL:


“UGA Green Labs has pioneered efforts to identify more lab consumables that were created using fair labor…The program provides shared language for researchers that can help them better organize and address some of these challenging topics, both within the university and with funding and publishing entities.”


UGA Green Labs founder and program manager Star Scott has also recently partnered with colleagues at the University of Colorado Boulder to investigate and improve how labs dispose of hazardous waste materials.


UGA Green Labs is committed to making UGA research labs more sustainable and efficient by reducing resource use, decreasing waste, and implementing best practices and technologies across the university’s 1,900 research labs.