Krista Coleman-Silvers, Director and Assistant to the Vice President

Physical space at the University of Georgia is a valuable institutional resource that must be managed prudently and used efficiently. Space is allocated to individual units through the campus’s physical master plan to serve and support the programmatic goals outlined in the University’s mission and strategic plan. When units vacate space, as a result of moves into new buildings or renovations to existing buildings, responsibility for reallocation of the vacant spaces moves to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (Provost’s Office). Likewise, the Provost’s Office can initiate space changes in accordance with institutional priorities.

The Provost has established a new practice to align space allocation in a fair and transparent manner while simultaneously addressing the university’s strategic goals. A space allocation recommendation committee has been formed and will review requests on a quarterly basis.

Requests for space should be sent to Space Management through the Request for Allocation of Space form. Requests should include a justification of the programmatic needs, estimates of funds required for renovations (if needed), and the source(s) of funding for both renovation and moving costs. The request must be approved by the department head or director and the dean or vice president and forwarded to Space Management.

Space Management will take all requests for space to the Provost for conceptual consideration and presentation to the review committee. If conceptual consideration is approved, Space Management may be tasked with further investigation. Following final approval, Space Management will coordinate space allocation changes with the respective department(s).

Space Management

382 East Broad Street
Athens, GA 30602